The autarkic solar street lights are optimal suitable for regions where we have no power and a  alternative for the lighting of streets is needed , highways, parking areas, industrial areas, parking can be supported. We use this technique for advertising lighting, as well as road plate light and  many other fields. For the manufacture of the LED heads is the latest generation of the LED  technology you can find. The advantages of this technology are the high efficiency, the long  service life of up to 100,000 hours and a resistance to weather effects, temperature fluctuations.  In contrast to the conventional light sources, this new technology is characterized by low heat  generation. Besides saving energy, draws the LED lamp body of street light the best efficiency  compared to other artificial light sources. The solar road lamp makes a considerable contribution  to the environment and saves resources and money. The LED diodes emit very bright, white light  which items make clearly recognizable in form and colors. Also the LED have a much longer life  than other lamps bulbs, so that for many years the maintenance costs can be saved. A new type  provides the lighting applications of LED lights. The lighting times and configuration are heavily  depending on the geographical conditions and climatic conditions and must be always on the  individual cases examined and interpreted. Format you can download technical data sheets in PDF here. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us ,  write us and you be notified  as soon as  possible by us.   All components on the pole are top mounted  system of RMS. The battery in special housing in  the top and not placed in the ground as many of  the competition do. Our advantages are, the  cables to the battery are very short and almost  100% save against theft and vandalism and gives  security in the installation area . control electronics Jupiter 10 L A 52                          Jupiter 40 LH ECN 52                      Jupiter 2 x 8 L                                 Jupiter 8 L TP Performance 80 W                       Performance 320 W                       Performance 128 W                      Performance 64 W Price from 1477.00 €                 Price from  3989.00 €                   Price from  1950.00 €                  Price from  1900.00 €
Autarkic solar street lights Products  
Markus Wojczyk
Mawo Solarteur • Horneburg 33 • 44869 Bochum Tel: +49 (0) 2327 9946097 • Fax: +49 (0) 3212 1159873 E-Mail: • Webseite. No electricity bills and price increases Project Balkonia We would like to indroduce our "Balcony PV system", any benefit tenants and owners of an apartment or a  house can use strength of the sun and produce own power. Our balcony-power plant is a small step towards  independence from the energy companies and the future price increases. Like a flower box, the system is fixed  to the balcony railing. In three steps and a time frame of two hours the "Balcony of power plant" can  be ready  assembled. The first is the mounting system including PV modules assembled and hung on the balcony.                                    Now we have to choose from three different ways how to use our electricity 1. The modules will be connected to a special inverter with ENS, which converts the direct current into  alternating current system.The inverter itself has a power cable that is the simply plugs into the outlet, and  even during in day of the electricity meter runs slower. Such a system has its advantages and  disadvantages. Advantages: Easy to install and convenient purchasing. Disadvantage: works only on the day. On failure of our public power supply inverter will also shut down. 2.  Second variant, we also use a special inverter but we'll also have a memory gel or AGM battery. This system  will primarily recharged the battery and then fed the excess power into the grid. Here is the current count  is not only rotate during the day but also slower in the evening. In this system, we also have advantages  and disadvantages   Advantages: energy from this system, we can also use the evening Disadvantages: System is the first door model variant no.    3.  Third option is in  my opinion, the universal solution as it is a typical island solution  that makes it possible  to use daily energy directly and simultaneously and store the energy. You can see  in the photo, the system  operated as a hybrid and we one small wind turbine with 300 Watt . In this system, we also have  advantages and disadvantages   Benefits: We are independent of public power Disadvantages: System is under construction, complicated and consumers are included in the inverter.          If you are interested in such a system please send us  an e-mail will notify you as soon as possible about the           Project Balkonia. Grey reality In the last 10 years , electricity prices have  risen by almost 100% till  2020, the forecasts that we will be paying about 50 cents / kWh  in germany . People haveing  their own  house are already using the possibility of PV  systems, wind and CHP development to stop  the dependence. But what about the people  who live on rent, as I do? The solution is  shown above produce at least some of the  energy yourself. Depending on size and  orientation of the balcony, you can cover 10  to 20% of your demand . Do you have any  questions write an e-mail. Economy The conventional wiring in the municipal area is calculated with 200 € to 400 € per meter. Our off-grid solar  street lights cost. € 1477 including mast. It follows quickly on the invoice that the economy is given in favor of the aforementioned self-sufficient solar street lights starting at a line length of 8 m (the cost of a  conventional system, pole, power consumption, maintenance, etc. are not considered).
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