Welcome to Mawo Solarteur Mawo Solarteur • Horneburg 33 • 44869 Bochum Tel: +49 (0) 2327 9946097 • Fax: +49 (0) 3212 1159873 E-Mail: info@mawo-solarteur.de • Webseite. www.mawo-solarteur.de Stop!! the electricity price increases. Starting today, I produce some of the energy itself.  More  »here We are pleased to welcome you to our website. Mawo Solarteur is a small and modern company  in  the  field   project  development, planning,  consulting   and  construction of  photovoltaic  power plants  and autarkic solar street lights . Our strength is in short decision making , high quality requirements, we are able to present concepts in  short time   matching   our   customers   and   investors  demands . As   a  certified    german   Installation company , we  stand  for  competent support  around  all  construction  of your  PV  System. We analyze   the   implementation  and   advice   until   the   correct implementation of  the  individual measures have been done. If  you  have  pv - plant ready running and  problems show  up we can do the maintenance  or  repair. Please contact  us  and  get  in  touch  with  us ! We  provide  you  with  a  range  of  specially  designed  offers  and   adaptedthis  offers  for  you. For  us  it  is  important  to   work independent . What  we  are  not  dependent  on  any  manufacturer. We are  able to deliver the best components for your system. We replace...   Sun Energy to Electricity.