About us Mawo Solarteur Mawo Solarteur is a team of engineers who are committed to green energy, not  only in the Germany and in Europe, but also in Africa. Trips in the past two  years to West Africa have only confirmed, that these countries need green  energy to develop further. That is the reason we support "Association action of  Africa", which is active in Mali. Our team includes technicians, electrician,  engineers and skilled workers, which each individual is an expert in his field.  This positioning allows us, practically, to give our customers full support and  satisfy. For our company  is quality in the first place. Our profession is not only  work, it is also a hobby therefore we turn to the projects with fullest  commitment.  Mawo Solarteur • Horneburg 33 • 44869 Bochum Tel: +49 (0) 2327 9946097 • Fax: +49 (0) 3212 1159873 E-Mail: info@mawo-solarteur.de • Webseite. www.mawo-solarteur.de We replace...   Sun Energy to Electricity.