Project Balkonia
Die Solar Topliste.
Markus Wojczyk
                                 Now we have to choose from three different ways how to use our electricity 1. The modules will be connected to a special inverter with ENS, which converts the direct current into alternating  current system.The inverter itself has a power cable that is the simply plugs into the outlet, and even during in day of  the electricity meter runs slower. Such a system has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: Easy to install and convenient purchasing. Disadvantage: works only on the day. On failure of our public power supply inverter will also shut down. 2.  Second variant, we also use a special inverter but we'll also have a memory gel or AGM battery. This system will  primarily recharged the battery and then fed the excess power into the grid. Here is the current count is not only  rotate during the day but also slower in the evening. In this system, we also have advantages and disadvantages Advantages: energy from this system, we can also use the evening Disadvantages: System is the first door model variant no.    3.  Third option is in  my opinion, the universal solution as it is a typical island solution  that makes it possible to use daily  energy directly and simultaneously and store the energy. You can see  in the photo, the system operated as a hybrid  and we one small wind turbine with 300 Watt . In this system, we also have advantages and disadvantages Benefits: We are independent of public power Disadvantages: System is under construction, complicated and consumers are included in the inverter.          If you are interested in such a system please send us  an e-mail will notify you as soon as possible about the          Project Balkonia. Grey reality In the last 10 years , electricity prices have  risen by almost 100% till  2020, the forecasts that we will be paying about 50 cents / kWh  in germany . People haveing  their own  house are already using the possibility of PV  systems, wind and CHP development to stop  the dependence. But what about the people  who live on rent, as I do? The solution is  shown above produce at least some of the  energy yourself. Depending on size and  orientation of the balcony, you can cover 10  to 20% of your demand . Do you have any  questions write an e-mail.
Mawo Solarteur • Horneburg 33 • 44869 Bochum Tel: +49 (0) 2327 9946097 • Fax: +49 (0) 3212 1159873 E-Mail: • Webseite. We would like to indroduce our "Balcony PV system", any benefit  tenants and owners of an apartment or a house can use strength  of the sun and produce own power. Our balcony-power plant is a  small step towards independence from the energy companies  and the future price increases. Like a flower box, the system is  fixed to the balcony railing. In three steps and a time frame of  two hours the "Balcony of power plant" can  be ready assembled.  The first is the mounting system including PV modules assembled  and hung on the balcony.